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Can I Sell My Home in the Winter?

Can I Sell or Rent My Home in the Winter? Its a legitimate question here in Boston, with temperatures dipping close to & below zero on some days (like today!) While there aren’t as many buyers or renters looking, it certainly IS possible to sell or rent your home in the winter!

Here are some tips if you are deciding to sell or rent out your current home in the winter months:

  1. Take photos early! If you are planning on selling your home in the winter, try to take photos before the piles of snow arrive. If you must take photos in the winter, some freshly fallen snow can add some charm to your photo. Just watch out for icicles/ice dams, which are a turn-off for potential buyers/renters.
  2. Schedule showings/open houses early! Early in the day. With the sun setting early in the winter, you want to make sure your prospective buyers/renters are viewing in the best light possible. I recommend before 3pm to make sure they can see everything in the daylight.
  3. Keep the Heat On! When prospective buyers/renters are viewing your home, make sure the heat is on at a comfortable level.
  4. Keep it Clean! Between snow, sleet, salt and mud, its definitely more difficult to keep your home clean in the winter. Make sure you are prepared to clean not only before showings and open houses, but after the prospective buyers/renters leave. Your Realtor also may provide boot coverings or a boot tray so their client’s shoes don’t leave a mess behind.

And if Winter just isn’t your thing, there’s no harm in waiting until Springtime.

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