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September 1st Survival Guide

September 1st is a notorious day in Boston – not only are students returning to school, but most Boston apartments turnover on this date. Landlords and property managers throughout the city rush to prepare there units in mere hours for their new tenants!

Here are five tips that can be handy – whether you’ve done this before or you’re just moving to Boston for the first time!

#1 – Do NOT take your moving truck on Storrow Drive! Every year someone will do it. Don’t let this rookie move ruin your moving day! The bridges are too low for trucks. Re-route your GPS if it tries to send you this way!


#2 – Respect move in/move out times! Your lease ends and starts at a specific time for a reason – because your landlord or property manager, especially if they manage multiple units, have VERY limited time to prepare for the next tenant. If you’re moving out, be sure to return your keys before your lease ends. If you’re moving in, please respect the crews preparing your apartment for move in by not moving in any sooner than your lease start time.Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 4.42.12 PM

#3 – Stay away from curbside furniture! That IKEA couch may look new, but it could be harboring pests such as bed bugs! If you are moving out, please dispose of your furniture properly, do not leave it on the curb.

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#4 – Unpack ASAP! Unpacking can be tedious, but you’ll be so glad and feel much more at home when its all done! Also, please be sure to dispose of your boxes in accordance with your new home’s trash guidelines, which most landlords will provide in a Welcome Letter.

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#5 – The best & easiest tip – take advantage of the deals offered by restaurants in your neighborhood for new students/residents! Often times restaurants will provide promotions that you’ll get in your Welcome Gift!!

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May you have a positive move out / move in experience this year!! And welcome to your new HOME, wherever that may be!!

If you still haven’t found your new home, contact one of our Realtors today!!! We’re always happy to help!!

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