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FAQ: Why Do Boston Leases Run on the 9/1 Cycle?

Often times, out-of-towners coming to the city for the very first time are shocked by huge rental availability for September 1, and the severe lack of availability for rentals any other time of year. Over 80% of Boston leases are on the September 1st cycle.

At BWP, all of our leases are on the 9/1 cycle, although a resident may request to break his/her lease early (there is a detailed process behind this, which we won’t examine right now.) Even in cases of lease break, the new lease must end 8/31 of the current or following year to maintain the 9/1 cycle.

So, why the 9/1 cycle?

Based on the great number of schools in the area, one reason is clear: A large student population. Boston is home to many students- undergrads, graduates, medical and law students, you name it! If you are a student starting a normal academic year, the 9/1 cycle is great and gives you lots of options.

However, Boston is home not only to students, but professionals as well. While professionals don’t necessarily need the 9/1 cycle, it gives them and easy time moving between places to be on this cycle because there are always so many options available.

Just remember – a September lease does NOT mean the apartment will be “college-y.” The studios we manage are just about split occupancy 3 ways between undergrads, graduate students including medical, dental & law students, and professionals.

If you need assistance finding housing any other time of year, we also may have options available! Currently, we have several studios available just for summer with leases ending 8/31/14, but can be easily transferred to a 1 year lease for 9/1/14! See our listings & contact us for details!